18 January 2009

Metro central and the anti-coal brigade

So we took my mum out yesterday to the pre-Broadway production of West Side Story (additional blog to follow), and upon arriving at Metro Central, we found the ENTIRE station to be plastered with bright yellow posters showing a mermaid, a little green alien, and a bigfoot holding on to an iridescent jagged black rock, Vanna-style. Every single ad spot was taken up by the ads, including all of the regular square ones, as well as additional banners hanging from railways, and wrapped around columns. Every so often, you would find the tag line for the ad campaign, "In reality, there is no such thing as clean coal."

Neutral as I feel towards coal, I have to admit its an effective ad campaign. Not only do the fantasy creatures get your attention, but the tag line is good, and they just so happen to have plastered Metro Central right at inaugeration time, when Metro is expecting "crush numbers" of people to pass through.

When you google that catch phrase, you get two sponsored ads at the top:

“Clean” coal is like a healthy cigarette. It doesn't exist.


"Clean Coal: America’s Energy Future"

Who knew there were such strongly opposing forces regarding coal? Its like the plastic bottle vs. aluminum can war from a few years ago, regarding which type of container makes your soda taste better and last longer. Eek!